We are a small kennel located in Central Texas dedicated to producing healthy, social, and even-tempered dogs.


We only own two dogs personally and they are our beloved pets. They are both active, social dogs, and if you live in our area you'll probably spot us at the farmer's market or park trail on the weekend.


We network with similarly devoted dog-owners across North America to produce our litters, which are rare and momentous occasions for our little kennels.

As life-long animal-lovers who have rescued, raise, and helped rehomed more abandoned dogs and cats than we can count, we have come to see the value of intelligent and ethical breeding practices. As an ethical breeder, we do not produce many dogs, and when we do, we require thorough application processes to ensure that we place our pups in loving, committed homes. Thanks to this rigorous vetting process, we work to make sure that our dogs will never end up in a shelter, and we even commit to re-homing the dog should at any point the adoptive family no longer be able to care for it.


The Tamaskan Dog Register requires our dogs to undergo rigorous health-testing, including hip, elbow, eye, and behavioral tests. We also have genetically tested each of our dogs. We do so enthusiastically, not only because we want to use the latest scientific learning to help us produce healthy animals, but because data from these genetic tests is valuable for determining optimal litter combinations. It's also a part of the wider picture of what we believe ethical breeders bring to the world--data sources that may be used to understand canine health more deeply, in a way that has positive implications for dogs everywhere.

If you are approved to bring one of our puppies home, please know that these are included:

  • Rear dewclaw removal by licensed veterinarian

  • Deworming series (week 2, week 4, week 6)

  • Microchip

  • Core vaccinations (at 6 weeks old)

  • Health exam (at 8 weeks old)

We are also more than happy to supply scans/photcopies of our dogs' health results upon request.

For further information on Tamaskans or Czechoslovakian vlcaks breeds, please select the header at the top of the page, or read here and here.

South Paw Kennel breeds rigorously health-tested Tamaskan and Czechoslovakian vlcak dogs.