Think you want a cute, fuzzy pup? Consider this before you apply. Tamaskans and Czechoslovakian vlcaks (CSV) are different breeds, but they share several key traits which are vital to understand. 


Both are intelligent, active breeds that tend to live very long lives. CSV are generally expected to live between ten and fifteen years. Tamaskans, as a breed in development, have not existed long enough to provide reliable lifespan information, but the extensive genetic tests required by the Tamaskan Dog Register are meant to develop a breed with fewer genetic health issues than other dogs. With the additional health screenings required of all Tamaskan Dog Register, you can expect that a Tamaskan will likely live a long time.

Bringing in a dog to your family is a commitment to care for the dog during its whole lifetime. This is not a decision that should be made lightly (and never because a dog looks like a direwolf). 


Here are some questions to consider before applying for a pup:


  • Will your current home situation (house, apartment, etc.) provide sufficient space for your dog to thrive?

Tamaskans and Czechoslovakian vlcaks are both large, energetic breeds. These dogs require daily physical and mental stimulation. If this isn't provided, dogs may act out by chewing up furniture, or through disobedience. Daily walks are a must and time for dogs to play/exercise with other dogs is highly recommended.

  • Would your job situation allow you to spend time with your dog?

Tamaskans and Czechoslovakian vlcaks are likely to be different from most dogs you've encountered. They are extremely pack-oriented and need the companionship of humans and/or dogs in order to flourish.

  • Is your job situation secure, to the point that it is highly unlikely that you will be forced to suddenly move, or suddenly be unable to take care of your dog?

  • If you live in a hot or tropical climate, what special precautions are you willing to make for the welfare of your dog? Will they be able to remain indoors with air conditioning, despite shedding?

  • Are you dedicated to providing your dog with sufficient exercise?

All Tamaskans and Czechoslovakian vlcaks are athletic. We recommend these dogs to people/families who lead active lifestyles and/or who are willing to provide their dogs with companionship and daily exercise.

  • Will you be able to afford pet care, including possible unexpected trips to the vet?

  • Will your living situation require your dog to be quiet at all times, or will it be a space where your dog can safely howl without the possibility of eviction?

Tamaskans tend not to bark and choose to howl or vocalize instead. Some Czechoslovakian vlcaks bark, but they may also vocalize and howl. (Our dogs are both the howling type.) This particularly happens when pups are young and adjusting to their new home. It is something to consider if you, for example, live in an extremely strict apartment building. 

  • If your dog is in need of socialization or extra training, are you willing to enroll, pay for, and bring your dog to classes that will help?

This may sound ridiculous to some people, while to others, pet classes are an obviously good idea. In many instances, pet classes can be hugely advantageous to both dogs and owners in establishing good leash habits, etc. At times, even experienced dog owners may need to bring their dog to a behaviorist or trainer for extra help. Responsible dog owners should be conscious that taking care of their dog may include unexpected costs and investments, which should not be considered lightly.

Please also note that we review all applications with great scrutiny, as we take seriously the task of finding good, healthy, and loving new homes for our pups. Due to the nature of it being an application, we make no guarantee of acceptance. We may also require extra information before placing a pup. This isn't personal, it's just a reality that we know our dogs and their tendencies, and we are trying our best to judge whether prospective owners and living situations will be a good fit for their needs. Unfortunately, we also live in a world of puppymillers and must actively work to ensure that our dogs stay out of their hands. 

If you have considered all of this information and wish to apply, please click here.

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