The following is a translation of working dog titles, largely focused on those unique to the Czech Republic and that appear in Czechoslovakian vlcak working dog pedigrees.


​ZP/SP: Tracking/search and rescue titles 
ZZZ: Preliminary search and rescue title 
UPM: Search and rescue title, indicates completion of training. 
SP/PS: Border patrol dog 
ZM/ZMP: Similar to the ZVV/SVV titles. "ZM" is a basic preliminary title. 
ZPS: Special tracking title 
ZPO/SPO: Protection title 
PO: Protection dog 
ZLP: Avalanche Dog 
ZVP: Wilderness/Water Rescue 
ZZP: Search & Rescue 

ZPS: Special tracking title
ZOP: An obedience test, similar to the BH (judging a dog's reliability). Required to obtain ZPU. 
ZPU1, ZPU2: Tracking, obedience, and protection somewhat similar to Schutzhund
ZZO: Obedience title for sports training
DPH: Police dog
SPZ: Rescue dog

SVP1: Endurance trial 40km run

SVP2: Endurance trial 70km run

SVP3: Endurance trial for 100km run

BH: Companion dog achievement that shows obedience

AD: Endurance test

IPO1: Beginning Level Schutzhund (Czech equivalent is ZVV1)

IPO2: Intermediate Level Schutzhund (Czech equivalent is ZVV2)

IPO3: Advanced/Competition Level Schutzhund (Czech equivalent is ZVV3)

FPr1, FPr2, and FPr3: Tracking titles (these are the Czech equivalent of FH levels)

For further reading on the meaning of these titles, see the following links:

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